Me, me, me


May darating na pag-ibig–sa wakas, hindi kuwari, o binuo mo lang sa isip at pinilit ang sarili. Hindi ito duwag.

Ika’y kanyang nilapitan. Naakit sa usapan at hindi ka na nakalimutan. Saglit ang oras, ngunit hindi mahalaga. May taning ang ginawa; pinili ang sariling sumaya.

-Ean Aguila

Me, me, me

Currently happening: nakikipag-small talk ako sa prof ko who’s currently in Australia ’cause he keeps asking me for weather updates sa Manila tapos I don’t want to seem too awkward.

Uh, this is new, I guess. I’m not usually the type na nakikipag-friends sa profs. But we’ll see?

Me, me, me

Aug 1-9 in bullets + raw pics    


  • feeding my Fi and Ne
  • made new “friends” well they’re more like acquaintances but let’s see what happens next
  • changed my school fashion style from classic school girl to mej hip but still appropriate
  • got inked (temporary tho)
  • ehehe found out i’m allergic to henna
  • got to go places and take pics for ig (cubao expo, NU, CCP)
  • snap-decided to sign up for online job and passed initial interview (whaaaat)
  • also messaged an old prof who was searching for research assistants, and got added to their group
Me, me, me

Bullets & confessions

I was given a secondhand journal by one of my best friends, which caused me to (Ne) think of all the things I could write/draw/whatever in there. But for some reason, whenever I try to actually start writing something, I blank out. So,

  • I’m going back to Manila in like 5hrs and would you believe I haven’t done half of packing?
  • My new dorm room is H U G E like it has a “second floor” and I get really excited just thinking of how amazing my alone times will be
  • It also has a sliding window (YES), with LRT view (meh but it’s fine since lrt noise could be a potential alarm clock)
  • I recently made an ig account. I’ve been avoiding it for years, ’cause I hate being the kind who just go to places for something to post on social media, but now I realized that it’s a motivator for me (who’s actually pretty lame ’cause I’m so holed up in my comfort zone) to just go out and try new things. Then commemorate this bravery through…(tentenenen) ig-worthy pics
  • ^ so basically win-win ’cause I get to practice photog & editing skills, while also going to different places
  • ^looks like a major money waster, ’cause I’m also sorta planning to buy Mayday Parade tix (not plural, ’cause i’m prolly going alone) and a new guitar but hey, i’ll work it out
  • It’s a shame I couldn’t finish watching The Office before school starts
  • Also would someone please tell me Jim and Pam won’t end up together? Like I swear they’re the lamest ship. I don’t even want to waste time explaining why I hate this ship so much.
  • I’m loving Michael Scott so much and I’m only in for third season but I have legit cried two or three times already (Fi)
  • I dyed and redyed my hair deep burgundy, hoping to have a purple-ish color, but for some reason it turned out redder than expected
  • The color can only be seen at the right amount of light and at the right angle so I guess it’s not really worth the price. And I used two boxes of hair dye so….
  • It’s kind of a bummer ’cause I sort of looked forward to this for like half of summer break but it’s okay now ’cause after some time I lowered my expectations but I still hope it gets less red and more violet
  • Uhm, I really wanted this to work out ’cause I wanted it to symbolize a new me
  • Slowly growing out of my MBTI obsession phase
  • I have been thinking about friendships and humans-are-social-in-nature things lately and it’s depressing me a little, ’cause it’s like, I want to care so much about people, but worldly things are distracting and I just have to regularly brush the thought of being inadequate off

Sorry for the long post. Have a fried shredded potato 🍟