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Daaaamn, still can’t get over The Ransom Collective’s performance last April 30 at Satchmi Vinyl Day 2016.

I was on the 2nd row, facing Jermaine (the percussion player) and their music is just sooo loud, I felt the drums beating from my chest or something (the way they always do when you’re near the stage or speakers)

I admit, I haven’t been a fan for long. I’m not easily impressed by artists and songs, either. I remember skipping Bon Iver’s songs from my Wanderland playlist before I watched him/them on the stage.

But watching TRC’s performance, I thought of how unique their music is (because of the mixture of different instruments, I guess?), how lively their songs and performance was, how good they looked onstage (literally and figuratively). And I thought of my crappy songwriting and my RC band from UST (I was just thinking/missing Camille ’cause she’s so perf and I guess I’m intimidated by her that’s why we don’t talk anymore) and I thought, will I ever get to write or sing a song onstage one day and have the same influence to even one of the audience?

Like, I admit, I’m not even that good a singer or a songwriter, but you know, I also have visions and stuff. So yeah, keep dreaming, Maricel.


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