Drama is life · Me, me, me

IDK. I mean, two years is still a lot of time, right? Of course I love the dude, and it’s super easy to settle, but just settling sucks. I mean what about Ted-Mosby-type of love? What about wanting to do anything, like stealing a blue french horn, just to express his feelings? What about trying, trying, trying to lift my scores, my academic performance in hopes of inspiring that dude who calls himself lazy, to try, try, try to capture his attention, to want to be this perfect girl, so they can be perfect together? What about turning ambitions to reality? What about mutual respect, what about wanting to experience something new? What about feeling so much intensity that it’s so dramatic and soppy (all those poetic types of love)?

Sure, we have fun, but too much fun can’t be so good. Maybe the reason why I try to reminisce so so so much is because somewhere in those teo years, we were who I want us to be. Does that mean it was all pretend though? ‘Cause if not, how can we change this much?


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