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Poem compe progress: 1/5

So I’m really happy with this poem, and I know I’m a little behind on the schedule I made for myself, but I can’t see anything special about the sonnet I was trying to write before.

I guess I should make a theme for my submissions, something about how life isn’t comprised of blacks and whites as we were originally taught as kids. When we grow up, we realize that there are more shades of grays, rather than black and white. (It’s about how we were taught of good and bad, but as we grow up, we realize that there’s very little “all good” and “all bad.” People have reasons for doing what they do, and some reasons or actions are just more agreeable than others) I know I got this from a book a while back, I just can’t remember which.

Anyway, so I’m really challenging myself here ’cause I’m so used to writing about soppy love poems cringe but reading this last poem I constructed (entitled Apologists btw) I realize how much I’ve grown as a writer, and it’s a relief ’cause I haven’t written in ages. I wrote it with spoken language in mind, so there are pauses and moods that may be different in each verse.

The next poems may tackle other controversial issues like mental/emotional health vs physical health, LGBT and same-sex marriage, etc. Just ideas, though. I want my submission to portray an individual who can capture these different scenarios in a set of words. ‘Cause maybe there’s just too many soppy love poems.


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