Drama is life · Me, me, me

Ok so I’m pretty upset abt our fb group being “deleted.”

It’s just, there’s a reason why I didn’t delete it, okay? So what made him think na it’s going to be okay to do it himself. Hindi ba niya naisip na aware din ako sa existence ng group na ‘yun? I freakin’ told him not to delete anything and he deletes the group. clap clap

I know it’s a petty reason to be upset, pero it’s like nagmix nanaman lahat. It’s not about the group anymore. I don’t even care na marami kaming pictures doon. I’m fine with any memoir kahit ingudngod pa niya sa mukha ko tatawanan ko pa siya.

Pero it’s suddenly about me, telling him specifically not to delete anything. (Don’t judge, I save useful links and pdfs there, okay?) still, ginawa parin niya without consideration sa’kin. Usually, I let it slide and all that, and I admit na I’m letting it slide again this time kasi wala na, nangyari na, why fuss?

But really naiinis ako. I was thinking we could at least treat each other as acquaintances. I was thinking of going to EK with him instead of the original pizza-date plan. ‘Cause hindi pa siya nakakapunta do’n. And it’s really silly na naisip ko ‘yun but I still really care for the dude and I miss the friendship we had. I’ve been pacing back and forth between missing him and hating him. I literally cleaned his ring (he gave it to me and he wants it back) sparkly clean last night. I was thinking of painting our picture from HOA field trip (’cause really, we looked cute there. I didn’t want to crop him off) kaso wala akong watercolor and brushes (nasa kanya pa)

Then tonight naglean nanaman towards hating him. I freaking want to show him the article about emotional abuse para malaman niya that there’s something wrong with him and he could stop whining about how I left him kasi I’ve endured all that for over two years. Jeez, cut me some slack, man.

Maybe I will.


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