Other shit

Poem count: 2/5

Woo pakingshet natapos ko na rin ‘yung second poem. After 10 drafts?

I’ve jumped from topic to topic, imagery to imagery, opening lines to opening lines. Only to find out that the unfinished sonnet will do the trick, only with a slightly different perspective.

The second poem is entitled “Transcendence,” in reference to what my Theology prof in UST said, about romantic love and matrimony. (Non-verbatim, although if I searched for my old notepad, I bet I could still find the quote) True love should be transcendent; it should be a spiritual experience and must make you believe that God exists. Okay, I think I phrased it badly.

Point is, true love must feel really grand, it encompasses virtues, hopes, faith. It should be an all-out experience, and it should bring you closer to God. Also, as Catholics, we are also led to believe that the sacrament of matrimony is supposed to be about loving someone as how God loves us.

(Okay things are about to get corny. Brace yourself)

Which is exactly the type of love that I want. (and believe to have experienced before) And therefore I wanted to express theough my poem how dramatic it is, and how life-changing it should be.


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