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On grad song

When I think about the grad song I wrote back in my last year of high school, I get embarrassed, proud and happy all at the same time. Why? Becaaaause:

  1. The wording is very bad. They were sort of cramped or stretched to fit the rhythm, and I guess I hadn’t really tried to revise it much back then
  2. nonetheless, my batchmates seemed to like it. I read twitter references to it until college.
  3. it’s a very personal song. I feel privileged to be able to share it with people because there were parts in my high school life when I was just socially rejected and I wanted to “let go” (read: stop caring bc fuck them) and I think it’s very relatable bc I generalized my sentiments
  4. and also it’s sort of fun to watch the people who bullied and socially rejected me sing and try to memorize the song without knowing I was referring to them. It was like a theoretical shit on their faces.
  5. I had some embarrassing moments onstage while singing it *cough cough*
  6. if my present self could help my old self in writing and arranging the song, it could have gone differently and absolutely better

Sooo yeah.


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