Other shit


I woke up really early today (like 6am. Whaat) and though I slept for less than 6 hrs (I think I slept before 2am) I felt good. You know that feeling of having a good sleep?

And then out of nowhere I started singing Dismantle.Repair which made me miss Anberlin.

I saw them live twice; at BRF2 and their last concert <////3 I really love the band, though they weren’t big in the Philippines and I don’t know anyone who likes them like I do. (I mean, Rob, Tanya and Ysa know them but I don’t think they got past 5-10 songs max.) And I love them so much that I memorized lyrics of songs from like 6 of their albums including concert performances for their last concert. They’re also one of my all-time fave bands.

In fact, I was so desperate to have a music-buddy that I imposed them on Vener. He liked them, but I guess he likes Pop Rock more, hence, The Summer Set.

It’s just, Christian is a really good writer. (So I guess listening to their songs, especially from the last two albums would inspire me for poem compe) and their Cities days, daaaaaamn.

Sorry, sabaw. Multitasking.


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