Other shit · Si Maricel

On books and reading

These are some of the epubs and pdfs in my iBooks.

I like to say that I’m a bookworm but I actually don’t like spending money on so much books ’cause mostly I don’t have to read them too often so they get stacked somewhere for a long time. And if I do somehow want to read them, I’m pro’lly at school or somewhere else without it. I find e-books very convenient because they’re portable and (if you know where to find ’em) free. I love e-books so much to the point where I think “real bookworms” would find it offensive.

But hey, like, at least I could say that I really read, right? I mean, hate those rich bastards who buy so much books and leave them unread. Books are meant to be read, shame on them.

PS don’t hate but I’m not that into the smell of new/old books like okay they have a distinct smell but like I won’t spend like 30 minutes smelling the pages instead ok


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