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Signs you’re a PewDiePie fan

  • Have watched every day at least one of his videos for the past year (real fandom takes time to prove)
  • Have watched different videos ranging from vlogs, let’s plays, youtube high, fridays with pewdiepie, and other randomness not stated
  • You have actually brofisted the screen at least 10 times
  • You get disappointed when he forgets to brofist
  • You have waited for his livechat and seen at least one
  • You get his sarcasm and frustrations with other “fans” who doesn’t get him
  • You have oggled on his book, This Book Loves You
  • You follow him on Twitter and/or Facebook and/or Tumblr to keep updated
  • #PewdsBeard because you just want to see how it turns out
  • #GivePewdsHisDiamondButton he clearly deserves like 4 of them
  • You have learned Swedish curse words and sometimes use it (Javla Helvete Blatte Fita)
  • He sucks at decision-making in games but you watch anyway
  • Present Pewds is better than Old Pewds
  • You enjoy him playing games other than horror
  • You actually feel it when a jumpscare’s about to pop
  • You find his weird costumes hilarious
  • You have watched Scare Pewdiepie (legally or illegally)
  • You have heard him sing and you think he’s “not bad”

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