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Responsibilities and pets

For the past week, it’s been really exhausting to tend to house chores. I’m being expected to take care of our animal situations full time ’cause I seem to be doing an okay job at it. (I can’t take all the credit, though. Google is the real mvp here)

Nick, the old male dog, is sick. His legs suddenly gave up one day, and now he needs help with feeding and excreting. Not to mention his appetite has declined. Today, I had to force-feed him with milk ’cause his last meal was still yesternight and he didn’t even eat his usual 2 tablespoons’ worth of food. I tried giving him variety of food to choose from: bones, raw ground meat, cooked egg, dog food and milk. He didn’t seem to take interest in any. So I had to take out the medicine dropper and stick it in his mouth so he could (unwillingly) lick the milk.

And Taco, the one-month-old pup, has minimal discipline, if at all. He tries to eat off of Nick’s dish so we have to tie him up or block his way. This results to loud and constant whining. We have to distract him in some way but his silence doesn’t last for long.

Anyway, today I found out the fastest way to “stun” him. You need to clap very loud (and thank God I have loud claps) where he can see you. It doesn’t work if he can’t see you, although your clap may be louder.

All these duties are taking up my time ’cause I have to always stay and observe Nick’s situation. His food is like ultimate temptation to other dogs and cats. It’s making me frustrated, how to make them understand that NO, they can’t eat his food.

Sooo yeahhh. Wild and crazy week for me.


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