Me, me, me


I’ve done more brave things in the past month than in the last two years.

From the smallest of things, like following a this person on twitter, or retweeting a crass tweet; to liberation: actually writing again, shallow and personal posts alike; to boring adulting like application for IDs; to adventure like Skydiving and island hopping.

Every time I feel the shyness and anxiety bubbling, it reminds me of this privilege–this right to go do what I want to do (within legal boundaries, let me clear). And that’s all it takes to convince me that, fuck it. No one can hold me back anymore.

I’m really loving this version of me, though unrefined and unstable. In the least, it shows room for improvement, which I think we could all agree, is better than being stuck in a rut.

Happy independence, ppl of the world.


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