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Re: Zero character development

I want to make a thread on twitter but I’m the only one who watches this in my groups of friends so.

  • Can I just say how far Subaru has come from his initial happy-go-lucky attitude to his now arrogant “heroic” image. It’s fascinating to watch ’cause he doesn’t realize that being all knowing and reckless gets not only him, but everyone else around him in trouble
  • ^ of course it’s also so sad but it’s like I wanna know what happens next. What’s he going to do next?
  • Also he acts that way ’cause he knows he can just start over to a certain checkpoint but he doesn’t do anything drastic like suicide (i’m talking episode 13-14 here) upon messing things up with too many people
  • ^i mean come on man, take deep breaths and chill. Then start over.
  • Ok i get that nobody wants to inflict that kind of pain to himself, but so far we’re not seeing side effects to his whole re: zero thing right?
  • Also can we talk about how the plot has suddenly taken a darker turn? Subaru’s sanity can be measured through his facial expressions. Kudos to animators for getting his face uglier and uglier
  • ^somehow it’s gotten an oregairu season 2 vibe where you know what’s going on but also what? How did this suddenly happen? And you just get to know more about characters but they don’t talk about what’s the real deal here
  • ^he’s sort of escaping from his emotions and that’s why he gets madder. He’s closed on the thought that people either understand him or don’t (and those who don’t are practically enemies) but he’s not making an effort to understand those around him (even Emilia herself)
  • He thinks that he’s being humble about all the things he’s done (and willingly done may i add) but holds it against others ’cause the truth is he thinks he’s so important
  • ^but in reality no one asked him to do all those things so how can one be grateful for something one did not want from the start?
  • Rem had been so patient with Subaru and it’s a little sad ’cause obviously she likes him but we all know he’s all over Emilia
  • Also can we get more exposure for Ram??? It bugs me how after saving Rem, the twins aren’t portrayed as a unit any longer
  • Bottomline is: shine, Subaru. Then start again.

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