Me, me, me

Bullets & confessions

I was given a secondhand journal by one of my best friends, which caused me to (Ne) think of all the things I could write/draw/whatever in there. But for some reason, whenever I try to actually start writing something, I blank out. So,

  • I’m going back to Manila in like 5hrs and would you believe I haven’t done half of packing?
  • My new dorm room is H U G E like it has a “second floor” and I get really excited just thinking of how amazing my alone times will be
  • It also has a sliding window (YES), with LRT view (meh but it’s fine since lrt noise could be a potential alarm clock)
  • I recently made an ig account. I’ve been avoiding it for years, ’cause I hate being the kind who just go to places for something to post on social media, but now I realized that it’s a motivator for me (who’s actually pretty lame ’cause I’m so holed up in my comfort zone) to just go out and try new things. Then commemorate this bravery through…(tentenenen) ig-worthy pics
  • ^ so basically win-win ’cause I get to practice photog & editing skills, while also going to different places
  • ^looks like a major money waster, ’cause I’m also sorta planning to buy Mayday Parade tix (not plural, ’cause i’m prolly going alone) and a new guitar but hey, i’ll work it out
  • It’s a shame I couldn’t finish watching The Office before school starts
  • Also would someone please tell me Jim and Pam won’t end up together? Like I swear they’re the lamest ship. I don’t even want to waste time explaining why I hate this ship so much.
  • I’m loving Michael Scott so much and I’m only in for third season but I have legit cried two or three times already (Fi)
  • I dyed and redyed my hair deep burgundy, hoping to have a purple-ish color, but for some reason it turned out redder than expected
  • The color can only be seen at the right amount of light and at the right angle so I guess it’s not really worth the price. And I used two boxes of hair dye so….
  • It’s kind of a bummer ’cause I sort of looked forward to this for like half of summer break but it’s okay now ’cause after some time I lowered my expectations but I still hope it gets less red and more violet
  • Uhm, I really wanted this to work out ’cause I wanted it to symbolize a new me
  • Slowly growing out of my MBTI obsession phase
  • I have been thinking about friendships and humans-are-social-in-nature things lately and it’s depressing me a little, ’cause it’s like, I want to care so much about people, but worldly things are distracting and I just have to regularly brush the thought of being inadequate off

Sorry for the long post. Have a fried shredded potato 🍟


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