Me, me, me


May darating na pag-ibig–sa wakas, hindi kuwari, o binuo mo lang sa isip at pinilit ang sarili. Hindi ito duwag.

Ika’y kanyang nilapitan. Naakit sa usapan at hindi ka na nakalimutan. Saglit ang oras, ngunit hindi mahalaga. May taning ang ginawa; pinili ang sariling sumaya.

-Ean Aguila

Me, me, me

Currently happening: nakikipag-small talk ako sa prof ko who’s currently in Australia ’cause he keeps asking me for weather updates sa Manila tapos I don’t want to seem too awkward.

Uh, this is new, I guess. I’m not usually the type na nakikipag-friends sa profs. But we’ll see?

Me, me, me

Aug 1-9 in bullets + raw pics    


  • feeding my Fi and Ne
  • made new “friends” well they’re more like acquaintances but let’s see what happens next
  • changed my school fashion style from classic school girl to mej hip but still appropriate
  • got inked (temporary tho)
  • ehehe found out i’m allergic to henna
  • got to go places and take pics for ig (cubao expo, NU, CCP)
  • snap-decided to sign up for online job and passed initial interview (whaaaat)
  • also messaged an old prof who was searching for research assistants, and got added to their group